Who are The LDCI GROUP?

LDCI GROUP begin with Lao Development Construction (Contracting) and Investment Co., LTD.
With committed partners on board, the LDCI GROUP holding company is formed

Vision Statement

LDCI Group envisions a future where Laos is recognized as a leading international player in sustainable development and investment. We aim to transform Laos into a prime destination for Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), leveraging our unique one-stop-shop structure to simplify and streamline the investment process. Our vision is to foster an environment that is conducive to growth, innovation, and prosperity, contributing to the overall betterment of Laos on the global stage.

Mission Statement:
Our mission at LDCI Group is to promote and facilitate FDI into Laos, thereby stimulating economic growth and development within the country. We are committed to removing administrative complexities and hurdles, providing a seamless and efficient investment process for international investors. Under the direct supervision of the Prime Minister of Lao PDR cabinet, we strive to create a robust and dynamic investment environment that will drive the progress of Laos at an international level. Our mission is not just about attracting investment; it's about creating a better future for Laos and its people.

Our Board Director

Dr. Rashed Osman Joher
Chairman-managing Director

Contact No.: +856 20 56 344 277
Email: rashed@worldpeacedevelopment.org
Website: worldpeacedevelopment.org

We are delighted to build bridges of cooperation and constructive partnership between us through
successful investment in the localization of technologies, industries, trade, and expertise.
We aim to apply the successful management, technology, implementation, operation, finance, investment, marketing, import-export, and manufacturing experiences from international companies.
The arrangement and working mechanism will be tailored to the type of project, environment, and opportunities on the ground. Our company is
committed to upholding values and integrity by providing first-class products with social responsibility.
Mr. Souvanxay Lakmaitree
Contact.: +856 20 97878789
Email: kobe@ldcigroup.com
Website: www.ldcigroup.com

We are committed to following the vision of our wise leadership, especially the President and PM, in our plans for growth and expansion. We also support the Laos long-term social and economic growth plan.

We constantly seek innovative ways to expand and diversify our industries, penetrate new business sectors and enter new markets. Our vision is to become the leading holding group and consortium that satisfies our customers and provides them with a valuable service. To achieve this, we will implement our strategies through strong.

Our Project Management Plan

Smart Farming

Our smart farming project is a sustainable and efficient solution that utilizes cutting-edge technologies to address the challenges of food insecurity and water stress in the MENA region.

Our 8,000-hectare land is equipped with advanced sensors, drones, and robotics that collect real-time data on environmental conditions, crop growth, and pests. This data is analyzed using machine learning algorithms to optimize crop yields and reduce resource waste.
To power our operations, we use geothermal technology that provides renewable energy for cold storage, electricity, cooling, humidification, hot water, and hydrogen. This technology is not only eco-friendly but also cost-effective, ensuring that we can provide high-quality produce at competitive prices.

In addition, our related data center is an integral part of our project, connecting more than 8,000 hectares of land in smart farming to cope with the food supply demand for export based on the export dynamics of each country in the Middle East.

Our data center allows us to collect and analyze data on a large scale, making predictions on the optimal time for planting and harvesting based on the export needs of each country.

Furthermore, we take pride in being halal certified, ensuring that our products meet the highest quality standards in the region. Our project is not only focused on profits but also on sustainability and social responsibility, ensuring that we make a positive impact on the environment and the local communities.

Overall, our smart farming project offers a revolutionary solution to the challenges of food security and water stress in the MENA region. Through the use of advanced technologies, renewable energy sources, and data analytics, we are able to provide high-quality produce at competitive prices, while also being socially responsible and sustainable.

Quantum Geothermal

LDCI and GEIOS ENHANCED QUANTUM GEOTHERMAL companies have joined forces to sign an agreement with the government of Lao PDR to develop Advanced Geothermal Solution (AGS) in the country. The aim is to include it as part of the energy mix and for exportation purposes. 

After the preliminary exchange and meeting with the director of renewable and sustainable energy, the companies signed the final agreement and terms of cooperation. The study is using a complex iteration from ASTER satellite evaluation on the stratigraphic structure of the country. The surface-related power is evaluated from the fault location and the structure from all the literature provided by the scientific community.

The study includes crucial data and information to evaluate the geothermal potential at the lower
subsurface zone. This includes a majority of the following

- Location and Geo-Stratigraphic (tectonic) settings per region
- Evaluation and selectivity of pilot areas per region for concession
- Topography and Nature of the land
- Airborne (satellite) Geophysical Survey
- Magnetic Surface Evaluation
- Interpretation and Geophysics
- Preliminary Geological Mapping with Faults and Tectonic Structure
- Back thrusts and Movements of the crusts (structure)
- Initial Results and Geothermal Structure for HDR &HSA

    Welcome to Nanogeios, the future of namotechnology production. 

    We are pioneering manufacturing and supplier of advanced nanomaterials, dedicated to enhancing the efficiency of geothermal energy projects.

    Our unique approach leverages cutting-edge nanotechnology, proprietary processes, and an exclusive supply of raw materials to delivers superior performance in geothermal energy and beyond.

Smart MRO Airport & Cargo Airport

To achieve LDCI goals and objectives, the following planning principles have been observed and followed:

The goal is to fully utilize the Cargo hub airpark site to facilitate an efficient and economically viable partnership between the local government of Lao and the airport. To achieve this, there needs to be a balanced airport design that allows each area to interact with the other in full compliance, unlocking the potential capacity of each phase through flexibility in demand and supply. Additionally, it's essential to provide an efficient forecast and estimated volumes for cargo operations to ensure the project remains economically viable throughout its operation.

To effectively support third-party operators, it is crucial to have an efficient operating strategy and framework that considers the design and positioning of the airport. The progressive development of the cargo hub airpark should meet anticipated demands while minimizing disruptions to existing facilities.

The development needs of the cargo hub airpark should be balanced with the impact on the surrounding community. Potential environmental impacts should be minimized, and international, Asian and Laos regulations and technical requirements should be complied with. A capable surface transport system should be provided for phase 3, and the industry dynamics should have all requirements to cope with growth. There should be integration with a new aerotropolis project to ensure that the zone and space are fully viable and become an economic engine for Laos.

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Laos can benefit from partnerships and strategic alliances, which present exciting prospects for the country.


Focusing on continuous growth and value addition is crucial for business and national survival.

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To prioritize Investment in real estate, technology, and safer societies.


Telecom networks can address poverty, sanitation... to space programs.


Why Laos, not elsewhere? Laos has strategic advantages and abundant resources.


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+85620 52328424

Company Address

LAODEVELOPMENT CONTRACTING & INVESTMENT is the business name of Lao Development Construction and Investment Co., LTD, Registered with: LAO PDR, Registration Number: 01-000025333,
Office address: 2nd Floor, La Ong Dao Hotel 1, Phonsinouan-New Intersection Road, House No.: 342/1, Unit: 16, Phonsinouan Village, Sisattanak District, Vientiane Capital, Laos. 

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